An Ally Against Drug Crime Convictions

If you face drug charges, you need an experienced attorney on your side who aggressively fights in your defense. At McClure, Ramsay, Dickerson & Escoe, LLP, we have skilled criminal defense attorneys who know how to build a strong case in your defense.

The drug possession laws in Georgia are quite strict and include controlled prescription drugs. Illegal possession of any drug gets a felony charge. The only exception is marijuana possession, which is a misdemeanor that can carry a jail sentence.

Fighting For A Fair Outcome

One of the consequences that all drug convictions share is the loss of your driver’s license. First-time convictions have a six-month suspension, while a second conviction gets you a suspension of one year. It can be very frightening to have a more severe drug crime charge. Convictions of intent to sell or trafficking carry long prison sentences. Depending on the substance, prison sentences can range from several years to a life sentence.

We explain the charges against you, and the options you have for your defense. Keeping you informed about your case is a priority for our attorneys. We always pursue the best possible outcome for your situation.

Get Legal Help Today

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