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Dedicated Criminal Defense

We understand that people make mistakes. If you find yourself in a situation where you have been charged with a crime, McClure, Ramsay, Dickerson LLP, can help. Our firm provides skilled criminal defense services for clients throughout the North Georgia area.

When you face the prospect of having a criminal record and possibility of serving jail time, you need legal professionals who focus on you and your case. We defend you and protect your right to dispute your charges. Our experienced lawyers can build a strong case that tells your side of the story and advocates for the best outcome possible.

Providing Quality Representation

Our goal to serve the community remains unchanged, even after 100 years. Our firm represents clients with criminal charges such as:

Our firm always has our clients’ best interests in mind. We make sure all our clients receive quality representation to eliminate or reduce their charges. If charged with a serious felony, we will help defend your rights and freedom.

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It is crucial to talk with an attorney as soon as possible after you get charged with a crime. Call our Toccoa office at 706-989-8471 or email us to schedule an initial consultation. One of our criminal defense lawyers can sit down with you and discuss your legal options.