Making a Positive Impact

Acclimating to life after your release

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Anticipating your release from prison can bring feelings of excitement and anticipation. You might also feel anxious and uncertain about acclimating to life as a free person again.

It will take time for you to adjust, but your ability to keep a realistic perspective can keep you grounded. Focusing on the things you can control may enable you to move forward with renewed hope and optimism.

Engage in community

There are a variety of ways you can engage in your community. Participating in a service project, volunteering at a homeless shelter, collecting donations, beautifying local parks and setting up a recycling program are some examples.

You can also check your community for resources to help you reestablish a life outside of prison. You could look for programs to help you put together a resume or develop the skills needed to get a job. There might also be networking workshops where you can get to know people in the community who can help you with your career goals. Support groups are another option to look into as well.

Embrace goal setting

Setting goals is an excellent way to visualize what you need to do to accomplish your vision for the future. According to, statistics show that once imprisoned, you are more likely to re-offend. Your decision to set goals for yourself can help you focus on a better life.

Rely on the support and encouragement of people who believe in you, know your potential and want to help you. Celebrate your accomplishments along the way. With the right help, you can embrace change, adapt to it and mold your life into something great.