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3 common causes of bicycle-related accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Many motorists do not expect the presence of bicycles on the road, and cyclists tend to expect drivers to be fully aware. This awkward relationship between two entities sharing traffic space can lead to sudden collisions.

Motor vehicle accidents involving bicycles can easily cause severe personal injury. Cyclists are vulnerable compared to drivers inside their vehicles, so it is important very everyone to learn to avoid common accident situations.

1. Unsafe turns

Turning without slowing down at a yield sign is one example of an unsafe turn. Turning right at a red light without looking is another example. Bicycles might approach an intersection from the sidewalk at a considerable speed and enter an intersection under the assumption that drivers are taking the proper precautions while turning.

2. Running red lights

In addition to being illegal, running a red light is also extremely dangerous. It is important to note that bicycles must follow the same rules as motor vehicles when using the road. Cyclists who do not stop at a red light are just as guilty of creating unsafe conditions.

3. Distractions

Statistics show that as many as nine people die per day in accidents involving a distracted driver. Phones, food and other distractions that take a driver’s attention away from the road are particularly hazardous when a bicycle is nearby. Because bikes are significantly smaller than motor vehicles, a distracted driver is less likely to notice them in peripheral vision.

Drivers and bicycle riders both have a responsibility to keep the road safe. Accidents involving bicycles can cause extreme damage or harm to either party as well as the surrounding traffic.