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Motor vehicle accidents major problem in Georgia

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Serious injuries from car, motorcycle or truck accidents can lead to major medical expenses, temporary or permanent inability to work, lost wages, pain and suffering and significant emotional distress for both you and your family.

Recent statistics show that motor vehicle accidents are a main cause of death and serious injury in the state of Georgia. Data from 2017 revealed that motor vehicle accidents were the leading cause of deaths from serious injuries and the second leading cause of emergency room visits and hospital stays in Georgia.

To put this in perspective, Georgia is the eighth most populous state in the country, yet in 2017 it had the fourth highest number of motor vehicle deaths. These disturbing statistics highlight the importance of driving safely and responsibility on Georgia’s busy highways and roads.

Many accidents are caused by negligence

If you’ve been involved in a catastrophic motor vehicle accident and sustained serious injuries, you may be the victim of negligence. Drivers on the road have a legal duty to drive with reasonable care. If they violate this duty, negligence could be established, and you could receive damages in the form of compensation.

To prove negligence, it must be shown that the other driver’s failure to operate their vehicle with reasonable care caused the accident and your subsequent injuries. The amount of compensation awarded varies with each case, depending on the specific circumstances.

None of us want to feel like we’re taking a significant risk by doing something as simple as driving to work or the grocery store, but the statistics on motor vehicle accidents are alarming. If you do find yourself the victim of a serious motor vehicle accident, you may be able to recover compensation for your damages through a personal injury claim.