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Field sobriety tests and your criminal defense strategy

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Most of our readers in Georgia know the most common field sobriety tests that might occur at a DUI stop: the one-leg stand test; the walk-and-turn test; and the horizontal gaze nystagmus test – more commonly understood as the “follow my pen with your eyes” test. There are others, but these are the ones that law enforcement officers throughout the country are trained to conduct in most situations.

In short, these tests are designed to determine a DUI suspect’s ability to follow instructions and examine their balance, coordination and their ability to do more than one thing at once. A suspect may “pass” one or more test, or fail all of them, or pass all of them. However, this is the important thing for our readers to remember: passing or failing these field sobriety tests alone is not determinative of whether or not a suspect is intoxicated. These tests are intended to help police officers determine if there is enough evidence of intoxication to allow them to investigate further at a DUI stop.

Field sobriety tests, and the results of those tests, may nonetheless become a significant part of a DUI case in Georgia. A defendant’s criminal defense strategy will, therefore, need to include an approach that takes these tests seriously.

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