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Georgia sees 13% spike in fatal auto accidents, stoking concern

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2021 | Personal Injury |

The recent challenges faced by people in Georgia and across the United States have been difficult. Even as the situation starts to improve, the aftermath is still being assessed as to the amount of ancillary damage that has been done. Part of that is how the state roads were impacted by factors like distracted driving and speeding. Statistically, there has been a worrisome increase in fatal auto accidents. As state agencies, legislators and law enforcement determine its cause, it is essential for drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians be aware of the potential risk.

GDOT raises the alarm over increase in fatal crashes

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), fatal crashes on state roads have increased by 13%. This is believed to be due to a growing number of drivers who are flouting the law and the basics of safety when behind the wheel and driving while distracted. A representative of the GDOT says that simply because the roads are open does not mean that drivers should be reckless. Drivers who are distracted, drive at excessive speeds and ignore other fundamental rules of safety are believed to be causing the spike in fatal collisions.

Around 1,700 people died in auto accidents and many could have been avoided if drivers adhered to the rules of the road. With school set to restart in the coming weeks and restrictions largely dissipating, there will be more traffic on the road. With greater volume comes greater danger. People are being encouraged to begin using safer driving strategies immediately so they are ready for school buses, rush hour and a return to business-as-usual.

Even with safety campaigns and mandates, accidents will still happen

It is unfortunate that regardless of attempts to educate drivers about safe driving that they will still behave in ways that lead to motor vehicle accidents. When there is a collision, people can suffer catastrophic injuries and death. Given the increase in crashes, it is imperative to be cautious and aware on the road. When there is an accident, people can face enormous medical bills, the need for extensive treatment, experience long-term pain and suffering, be unable to work, and have problems contributing to a family. Accruing evidence as to the cause of the crash and thinking about the options is vital when deciding how to proceed. Having advice with these and other issues that accompany an auto accident can provide guidance with what steps to take.