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Can I drive again after a DUI in Georgia?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2021 | Firm News |

Georgia mandates license suspension after a conviction for driving under the influence. Some individuals qualify for limited reinstatement to travel to work or school.

Review the factors that influence the loss of driving privileges with a Georgia DUI conviction.

Prior history of DUI

Drivers with no previous DUIs may receive a one-year license suspension for a first-time offense. The state extends the suspension term to three years for a second DUI within five years and five years for a subsequent DUI within the same period. Drivers also serve a minimum one-year suspension for refusing a breath test at the scene of a DUI arrest.

Reinstatement eligibility

Drivers under DUI suspension can request reinstatement after 120 days. They must complete a DUI education program with approval from the Georgia Department of Driver Services and pay the appropriate reinstatement fee. The fee is currently $200 for those who pay in person and $210 for those who pay the fee by mail. Drivers serving a suspension for implied consent cannot apply for reinstatement.

Limited license availability

Some drivers may qualify for a limited license. They may petition the court for permission to drive to school, work, medical appointments, substance use support groups, driver education classes, court dates and community service sessions.

Drivers have the right to legal defense when facing DUI charges and subsequent license suspension in Georgia. Motorists who are unsure of their license status after a DUI arrest should check with DDS before driving or risk further sanctions. The state only allows 10 days to request an administrative hearing for a driver’s license suspension.