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Look out for distracted drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Driving is a privilege, and everyone with a license should understand the inherent responsibility the activity carries. Some drivers, however, still act negligently and take to the roadways without fully concentrating.

Distracted driving is still a significant problem for Georgia drivers. While there is no way anyone can control how others behave, it is important to remain diligent about spotting the signs of a distracted driver.

The head moves up and down

One of the sure signs that a person is reading is the head position. At a traffic light, the driver may miss that the light cycle due to distraction. While moving, a driver who constantly has a head bobbing up and down likely has something such as a cell. Texting and driving is the most distracting activity a driver can do behind the wheel.

The driver holds a drink

Something in a driver’s hand may signal that there is eating or drinking. While it seems natural to take a sip while careening down the road, eating and drinking still pull a driver’s attention away from the road. When the eyes divert for a few seconds, it may prove disastrous regardless of what the driver does.

The vehicle drifts

A car that drifts way over the line and then jerks back is probably driven by someone who is not paying attention. This is the most likely sign of distraction or intoxication behind the wheel. Steering clear of these vehicles and even alerting the police may prove life-savin.

A distracted driver is now more likely to cause a crash than an intoxicated one. Keeping an eye on the behavior of the vehicles around may provide an advantage should the driver make any sudden moves.