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Traffic accident increase related to speeding on clear roads

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Georgia’s stay-at-home orders during 2020 contributed to fewer vehicles on the roads. The number of car accidents, however, increased due to motorists speeding along roads clear of normal day-to-day traffic.

Based on statistics from the Department of Transportation, traffic fatalities across the Peach State rose more than 7% between 2019 and 2020. According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the number of vehicle miles traveled decreased nearly 40% while speeding increased by 31% during the spring season.

Certain factors increase the chances of serious injuries or fatalities

Motorists driving over the speed limit place others at high risk of a catastrophic accident. Technology contributes also; distractions caused by a mobile device may take a driver’s attention away from the speedometer.

Speeding combined with a distraction can increase the odds of an accident. A distracted motorist may not feel as though the vehicle is moving at high speed during a heated conversation or while changing the settings on a GPS device. As reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, failing to wear a seat belt adds an even greater risk of serious injury if an accident occurs.

A harmed plaintiff may require evidence to prove fault

A speeding motorist who loses control of a vehicle has breached his or her duty of care to other drivers and their passengers. An accident that results in a serious injury or wrongful death may lead to a legal action.

Some insurance companies may hire claims adjusters who attempt to blame the accident on the injured party. A harmed plaintiff may, however, supply evidence to show that a speeding or otherwise reckless motorist caused the accident. When the evidence clears a harmed party of fault, a jury may award damages to compensate for medical expenses, lost wages and the pain and suffering endured.