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Two Milledgeville teens killed in car accident

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Many in Georgia may question why people choose to seek legal action following a car accident. Some may view such an action as simply vindictive and not productive in reversing the effects of a collision. Yet a lawsuit filed in the wake of a car accident typically is not meant to reverse its effects, but rather assist accident victims in dealing with them.

A car accident often leaves one having to pay for medical bills and vehicle repair costs. Severe accidents that result in the loss of life force families to deal with unexpected funeral costs, which many are not prepared to pay for (especially in cases where a decedent is still relatively young).

Tractor-trailer collision on Highway 22 kills two teens

Two families in Milledgeville find themselves having to potentially face such expenses after their sons both died in a collision with a tractor-trailer on Georgia Highway 22. Per the local CBS affiliate, neither of the two teens had a seatbelt on when the one driving their vehicle lost control and hit the truck. Reports did not detail whether or not the driver of the tractor-trailer sustained injuries in the collision.

Compensation for accident expenses

The mother of one of the accident victims in this case stated how the teens were lifelong friends. One may question how families could take legal action when such a relationship exists. Yet in many cases, those seeking such action have little choice; they need assistance in dealing with their accident expenses, and in many cases, the compensation offered by auto insurance proves insufficient. Thus, they must seek compensation from the one responsible for their accidents. Earning such compensation may be more likely to occur if one has access to reliable legal resources.