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Teen dies in single-car collision in LaGrange

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2020 | Personal Injury |

It may be difficult for many people in Georgia not to get caught up in the excitement expressed by a new teenage driver at the additional freedoms this newly-gained privilege offers. Yet while most understand the need to allow such a driver to accumulate experience behind the wheel (in order to bolster their driving skills), they also understand the risk that such a driver may pose to others on the road. 

Studies show that teen drivers are more likely to engage in potentially reckless behaviors than other demographics. This can include operating their vehicles at excessive speeds, driving after having consumed alcohol or traveling at odd hours of the night. While a new driver no doubt learns from every successive experience they gain behind the wheel, others often also feel the direct impact of those lessons. 

Multiple teens injured in LaGrange crash

One need only review the story of a recent accident that occurred in LaGrange to confirm this fact. The local ABC News affiliate reports that a 16-year-old driver lost control of the vehicle. Authorities believe that the driver was operating the vehicle at excessive speeds at the time the accident occurred. The driver and two of their passengers sustained injuries, while the accident ended up claiming the life of another teen in the vehicle. 

Seeking compensation from a friend or acquaintance

When one sustains injuries while traveling as a passenger in another’s vehicle, the prospect of seeking compensation for their accident expenses may seem daunting (due to the fact that they likely have a relationship with the vehicle’s driver). Yet subsequent financial struggles may force their hands. Those looking to initiate such action may first want to a find source of reliable legal assistance to turn to throughout the process.