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What should I do if there are issues with the home inspection?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Firm News |

If you wish to sell your home, it is highly likely that any interested buyer will have a home inspection. This inspection helps to ensure there are no major issues with the home.

Some inspections may be more thorough than others, which means they might point out even minor problems. As the seller, Realtor explains there are some things for which you will need to be responsible, but there are others that you do not need to fix.

Important issues to address

Serious issues with the home, such as problems with the foundation, HVAC system or plumbing, are those of which you must take care. In most cases, the things you must address are those that violate building or safety codes.

You have options as to how you will do this, and it depends on the buyer what will work best.

You can go ahead and handle the problem yourself by hiring someone to fix it. The other option is offering credit on the sales price of the home and leaving the repairs to the buyer. Some buyers will not accept this offer, but it can help move along the sales process if they do.

Issues not to address

If an inspection is quite detailed, you may end up with problems that are not really big issues but rather annoyances. For example, peeling paint on a garage or other normal wear and tear are things you do not need to fix.

Do keep in mind that rules about your liability vary from place to place. In addition, some of the minor issues may be something that can hold up specific types of loans, such as an FDA loan, which has strict requirements for the condition of the home.