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What are the top 4 ways to ensure a safe Uber trip?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2020 | Personal Injury |

If you are like most people, Uber has become your preferred method of getting from point A to point B when you do not wish to drive yourself. While the vast majority of Uber rides begin, proceed and end in safety, however, you should never take your safety for granted when using a ride-hailing service. 

The Huffington Post recommends you take the following 4 steps every time you use Uber to ensure your safety. 

1. Match the car and driver with the app info 

As you probably realize, every time you use the Uber app to request a ride, the company sends you not only your driver’s name, but also his or her photo and the car’s make, model and license plate number. Always make sure that the driver and car who show up match this information. Do not feel silly checking the license plate number. Even if everything else matches, something may well be “off” if the license plate number does not match. 

2. Ask the driver to identify himself/herself, you and your destination 

Uber always provides its drivers with the name of their next passenger and his or her destination. Ask your driver to verbally give you the information (s)he received. Also ask him or her to tell you his or her name so you can match that with the info the Uber app sent you. 

3. Verify that no one other than the driver is in the car 

The driver should be the only person in the car that picks you up. Do not get in if anyone else is in the car with him or her. 

4. Sit in the back seat on the passenger side 

Always sit on the passenger side of the Uber vehicle’s back seat so you can see the driver and vice versa. In fact, if the driver asks you to sit in the front passenger seat, you probably should forego this particular Uber ride.