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The facts surrounding public transportation and safety in Georgia

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Public transportation in Georgia, specifically the MARTA system in Atlanta, provides many benefits for riders. Most studies indicate public transport is less expensive than owning and maintaining a vehicle and that it provides community-wide benefits such as lower emissions.

While riders of public transport face a much lower risk of accidents compared to those in cars, what are some of the risks riders face regarding public transportation.

Insights into MARTA

WalletHub recently compared the public transportation systems of 100 U.S. cities and found that for many metrics Atlanta settled in the middle of the pack. Its overall rank in the study came in at 47, with 1 being the best and 100 being the worst. The systems received scores in the areas of accessibility and convenience, resources, and safety and reliability. In the area of safety and reliability, Atlanta received a 41 score, putting it in the top 50 percent of transit systems. Factors included under safety and reliability were safety and security events per miles traveled, injuries per miles traveled and fatalities per miles traveled.

Insights into crime

One area of concern for transit riders is the possibility of crime. Crime statistics compiled by the MARTA Police Department show that zero homicides or rapes occurred in 2019 under the jurisdiction of MARTA. A total of 73 aggravated assaults and 67 robberies happened to transit riders in the MARTA system in 2019. Fifty-three acts of larceny happened during this time frame. The majority of these crimes took place on the MARTA rail system. Fifty-nine crime incidents occurred in parking lots, while 52 incidents took place on the bus system. The MARTA Police Department tabulates crime statistics quarterly.