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Cellphones are not the only distraction inside a car

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2020 | Firm News |

Distracted driving has gotten a lot of press lately. New laws that have taken effect across the country aim to stop the practice of texting and driving by allowing law enforcement to ticket drivers for the offense. The push is not without reason. The number of car accidents caused by distracted driving is now higher than speeding and drunk driving. 

A cellphone is not the only thing that may distract a driver’s attention away from Georgia’s road. There are many other reasons that drivers tend to let their eyes or mind stray from the task at hand. Take a look at these other examples of distractions that may result in a crash. 


Driving and chatting with the people in your car is a regular practice. You may not remember the miles that passed because your mind and attention were on what your passengers were saying and doing. It seems unrealistic to ban all passengers from cars; however, the distraction they provide may prove dangerous. Keep conversation to a minimum, especially in heavy traffic or unfamiliar territory. 


Many vehicles have built-in GPS to assist drivers with navigation. Many cars have a safety feature that restricts the input of an address while the car is in drive. While this helps, it is not the only element of navigation that may distract. Things like upcoming turns, deviations from a route and a general unfamiliarity with the area may prompt drivers to look at the display instead of the road. 


Drive-thru restaurants make it convenient to make a pit stop for food. However, eating and drinking while driving may cause motorists to drift from side to side or distract them altogether. Between unwrapping burgers and fetching fries that fall between seats and consoles, a misstep while eating may cause an accident. 

Becoming the victim of a distracted driver may have devastating consequences. Even without a cellphone in sight, drivers may find themselves on the side of the road or in a crash if they fail to pay attention.