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Falling temperatures and bicycle accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2019 | Firm News |

Bicyclists face risks throughout the year, but some seasons bring special concerns. For example, in many colder parts of the country, bicyclists stop riding during the winter months. However, they may try to get a few more rides in during the fall, before it snows. This can be dangerous because weather-related risks due to cold weather are also present during the fall in some areas. For example, there may be ice on the road, including very small amounts of ice that are hard to see. This could cause a bicyclist or a driver to lose control.

In the fall, some places see snowfall as well, especially northern states and roads located in a higher elevation. Cold temperatures can even cause bicyclists to become distracted and struggle to stay focused, while drivers may have difficulty seeing the road due to foggy windshields. Fallen leaves can also cause an accident, and the fall can bring strong storms that knock down tree branches and blow other hazards onto the roadway.

These are just some of the risks that bicyclists have to watch out for when they take to the road in the fall. Unfortunately, reckless drivers are on the road at all times of the year. Those who drink and drive or use their electronic devices when they should be paying attention to the road are especially likely to collide with someone who is riding a bicycle.

If someone else’s behavior led to a bike accident that left you injured, it may be wise to take a good look at your legal options.